It is an individual's responsibility to help stop or prevent genocide.

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Darfur Conflict

Author: Terry Nickelson
Last Modified: 05-Jun-14

A Sudanese woman is shackled to the prison floor while giving birth, and sentenced to 100 lashes and death for... [read more]

Darfur Conflict

Author: Terry Nickelson
Last Modified: 17-Oct-13

"Blue Denial" - The true story of a young man's personal struggle in Sudan's war-torn Blue Nile state. Produce... [read more]

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Laurie Michaelson
Photojournalist and Communications Specialist

I have followed many different conflicts around the world involving human rights issues and genocide. During undergrad, I studied Religious Studies/New Religious Movements with a focus on genocide and terrorism. My mentor was Professor Dr. Jeffrey Kaplan, who researches what he calls the "fifth wave of terrorism" including ... » [complete profile]