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Kora Karm (US)

I have had the opportunity to live in many different parts of the world, and this exposure to different cultures and races made me who I am today. For many years I wasted time trying to figure out why we, as humans, have such an easy time hurting one another. Unfortunately I am still searching for an answer, so one day I told myself to not waste time trying to figure out this world, and spend time trying to help it. I have always enjoyed helping in any way I can. I started volunteering at an early age, back in grade eight. I spent three lunch breaks a week with disabled students, working on school work and just getting to know them. I continued this all the way to grade eleven. I also volunteered at homeless shelters as well as food banks, Meals on Wheels and Texas Casa.

But in my heart I always knew I wanted to work in Africa. One of the places I was specially interested in was Congo, where there are many street children, some due to the most unthinkable reasons. My family and I have donated to a lot of different organizations, but I feel I need to do more. And the more I learn about genocide and the displaced victims in Darfur, the more I know I need to get involved. Darfuris have been suffering since 2003, and I still can't believe that after seven years this problem still exists. I know there are many people out there who are trying to make a difference, and that is one thing we cannot stop doing.

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